Weight loss estimator

Many of our customers use Sustenance for weight loss. We've made an elaborate weight loss estimator for anyone else who would like to use it this way.

Take note of the graphs on the right (or below if you're on mobile), we display information that'll be useful for you.

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Enter Your Vitals

This information will help us calculate your body's basal metabolic rate (BMR) and total daily energy expenditure (TDEE).

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Enter Your Goals

Which health and fitness objective is most important to you?

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Estimate of calories consumed every day

How accurately do you want to estimate your caloric intake? Would you prefer a fast estimate, or spend more time (3-5 mins) for more details?

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Enter Your Foods

List out all the foods you eat on a typical day. We've preemptively filled this up with food you're likely to eat. Please change the meals and food to reflect what your typical day will look like.

Add a meal

Once you're done listing everything you eat on an average day, click "next" to view your results.

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Weight Change

How much weight (in kilograms) have you gained or lost in the past two months? This will give us an estimate of your daily caloric intake.

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Meal Proportions

What percentage of your daily food intake do you estimate to consume at each meal?

Breakfast (%)

Lunch (%)

Dinner (%)

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Your Preferences

Let us know of any dietary preferences and select a meal to replace with Sustenance. Replace a large meal for better results.

Macronutrient Preferences

Meal to Replace


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Here's how it breaks down:

Your usual eating habits With Sustenance
Calories (Kcal)
Protein (g)
Net carbs (g)
Fats (g)
Dietary Fiber (g)

By replacing your with our option, you will be eating at a daily caloric deficit of about kcal.

If you replace this meal with our recommended product every day, you can lose about kg a month.