Sustenance meal replacement shakes

Honest to goodness meal shakes

A complete, all-natural drinkable meal. Made only from premium, plant-based whole foods. No nasties, only the good stuff.

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Eating healthy, made simple and painless

Ever skipped breakfast because you were running late? Settled for an unhealthy meal at work because you didn’t want to go out of your way? If you have, Sustenance is for you.

We’ve combined all the aspects of a balanced meal into a delicious, low-calorie green smoothie shake - protein, dietary fiber, essential lipids, vitamins, minerals and so on.

All you have to do is add water and shake for a complete, drinkable meal that will keep you filled for hours. When your busy schedule gets in the way, or when you want to eat healthy without excessive preparation or planning, you can always fall back on Sustenance.

In a serving of Sustenance

the plant-based whole foods ingredients in Sustenance meal replacements

Ways you can use Sustenance

Weight Loss

Incorporate Sustenance into your weight loss diet for maximum results. Try out our weight loss estimator for more details on how to do this.

Quick meal

Don't have any convenient options for a quick meal? Have Sustenance instead. It's just as healthy, if not healthier than a conventional meal.

Clean nutrition

Have a sensitive stomach? Vegan? We have you covered. Sustenance is cleanly formulated with only plant based, whole foods.

Why Sustenance?

Premium, whole food ingredients

We use premium ingredients that are packed with nutrients. No synthetic flavours, artificial sweeteners, soy, GMOs or fillers.

Minimally processed

Most of our ingredients are freeze dried and then powdered for maximum nutrient retention. None of our ingredients are subject to any harsh chemical processing.

Loaded with micronutrients

Iron, Calcium, Zinc omega-3 fatty acids and so on. Sustenance is loaded with the vitamins and minerals our diets typically lack. We round out any potential deficiencies in your diet.

Complete nutrition

High quality protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, complex carbohydrates and so on. We have it all covered, in a single serving of Sustenance.

Reinforced consistency

Constantly on the go? Pack a serving of Sustenance when you head out for a quick and healthly meal anytime, anywhere. Never be a creature of circumstance again.

Sustained energy

Sustenance is loaded with dietary fibers and complex carbohydrates that stabilise blood sugar levels. No afternoon crashes or slumps. Just clean, sustained energy.